RW2Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Ronnie Wells first showed his exceptional musical talent when his drum playing quickly earned him spots with both the high school marching band and the highly competitive St. Patrick’s Cadets Drum Corps. By age 17, he also discovered he had the voice and charisma to be a frontman and started his own group, “Ronnie Wells & The Fabulons.” Despite being underage, the group’s talent earned them well paying gigs at some of New York City’s most popular nightclubs such as “The Wagon Wheel, “The Peppermint Lounge” and “The Metropole.” It was during these days in the club circuit that Ronnie started rubbing shoulders with other young musical legends such as Diana Ross and Mary Wilson of “The Supremes.”

In his early 20’s, Ronnie Wells discovered his talent as a bass player and in addition to being the singer/bass player of his second successful band, “The Sound Exchange.” Ronnie was also playing bass with other various 60’s top recording acts as well.

Taking his career in an entirely different direction, Ronnie began to lead a double life as a medical student by day and musician by night. After graduating from St. Peters College and NYU, he practiced as a Respiratory Therapist and as a Physician Assistant at the Holy Name Medical Center and his own private practice at the Fairlawn Memorial Hospital in New Jersey. While Ronnie admits that the seriousness and sensitivity required in medical practice helped him to grow up in a lot of ways, his natural born affinity for music never quit and he went on to sing and play bass with other bands such as “Long Train” and “Billboard.”

In 2010, Ronnie retired from the medical field and began devoting himself full-time to writing, arranging, recording and producing his own material as well as for other artists. He also co-wrote and recorded the song, “Shiftin’ Willie,” which was performed by Conan O’Brien in a live comedy skit and then was later used in an episode of the “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” show.

In 2012, Ronnie released his first solo album, “My Bad” which includes the title track and songs selected from the “Great American Songbook.” Now a grandfather of seven, Ronnie Wells is currently in the process of recording his second solo album, “Say It With a Song,” and is developing his next solo performance act geared toward hotel and cruise type venues. Depending on each venue, the show will include everything from a comedic opening act, to a full band, to female background vocalists and is slated to start in 2015.